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Paula Gonzalez Salazar 

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Paulita Gonzales: A Journey to the American Dream through

from Delicias Payita

Born on July 1, 1952 in the vibrant town of Monsefú, Paulita Gonzales

she had a dream that transcended borders and cultures. Her story is a testimony

of the pursuit of the American Dream, a journey of passion, resilience and creation

from  Delicias Payita .

Growing up in the heart of Monsefú, Paulita's life was permeated with the

rich flavors and traditions of Peruvian cuisine. Her culinary journey began

early, nourished by love and knowledge passed down from generation to generation

generation. Little did she know that her culinary prowess would be celebrated one day in the


In her search for a better future, Paulita left her hometown behind and moved to

the bustling capital of Lima. There, she embarked on a culinary path that would set her

the foundation for her American Dream. She studied for two years at the Center for

Occupational Education Los Libertadores, where she obtained her certification in the

food industry.

The year 2017 marked a significant turning point in Paulita's life.

She immigrated to the United States bringing with her the culinary traditions and

dreams of her homeland. On her new American journey, she pursued education and

certification tirelessly.

Paulita studied baking through the "El Poder de Ser Mujer" program and

Worksource Montgomery, obtaining its ServSafe certification. Her dedication

she stopped there. She continued her culinary studies in the Impact Silver program

Spring, obtaining his food handler license. But she didn't stop in culinary skills; She also ventured into business development through the "El Poder de Ser Mujer" program, complementing her experience.

Armed with a diverse range of skills and a heart overflowing with love

Because of her profession, Paulita decided to share the authentic and traditional flavors

of Peru with her new community. Her creations, rooted in her heritage

culture of it, carried the distinctive touch of personalization of it. Each dish was a

labor of love, a piece of Peru in every bite.

For Paulita, her entrepreneurial journey was not just a pursuit of passion, but a

means to support her family and invest in her own future in the United States

Joined. His vision extended beyond the limits of her kitchen. She aspired to

achieve the American Dream, to see her business grow and flourish, benefiting

ultimately to her community and ensuring a brighter future for her

her children and grandchildren.

Her true calling lay in the art of baking. Paulita delighted in the

preparation of Peruvian desserts and cakes for all occasions. Her joy lay

in witnessing smiles and enjoying the satisfaction of those who tried their

creations of her. Delicias Payita became a symbol of her dedication to

share the flavors of Peru with the world.

Paulita Gonzales, the creator of Delicias Payita, embodies the spirit of Dream

American. Her journey is a testament to how passion, perseverance and

commitment to tradition can transcend borders and create a legacy of

flavors that bring joy to all who try her culinary creations. TO

As she continues to pursue her dream, Paulita's story serves as

inspiration to all of us, proving that the American Dream is alive and

good for those who dare to pursue it.


Papa a la huancaina
Papa rellena
Causa limeña
Arroz con pato
Arroz con pollo
Seco de res

Empanadas de pollo
Empanadas de carne


Arroz con leche
Pie de limón
Pie de manzana
Tártaras de fruta

Tres leche
Frutas secas
Pastel de piña



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