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The user knows and accepts that You Power Kitchen / Directory only acts as a channel or advertising medium and, therefore, has no responsibility for damages or losses of any nature caused by their negotiations, conversations and / or relationships, contractual or extra-contractual, with advertisers or third parties, individuals or legal entities contacted through this portal.

General conditions

1- These terms and conditions will be considered applicable to all users of the You Power Kitchen portal. Consequently, it is provided in accordance with these general terms and conditions, as well as the particular terms that can be found on the Portal.

2-The service consists of providing information and online communications (hereinafter the “Service”).

3- The information contained in the Portal, or that of other websites that are accessed through links, is compiled through a variety of sources, including the contributions of business advertisers published on the portal.

4- You Power Kitchen will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused by using the information provided through the Service.

5- Due to the fact that currently the technical means available do not guarantee the absolute reliability of the information on the Portal due to the action of third-party publishers, in no way does it guarantee the accuracy and/or veracity of all or part of the information contained in the Service, nor its update, nor that said information has been altered or modified, in whole or in part, after having been included in the Service, nor any other aspect or characteristic of the information provided through the Service or through the links eventually included in it.

In all cases, the user who feels aggrieved or suffers damage due to the information of the Service, must direct their actions or claims exclusively against the corresponding advertiser, expressly waiving to try any type of action against You Power Kitchen / Directory

In all cases in which, by virtue of the Service, contracts for the sale of products or the provision of Services or any other type of contract are eventually entered into between one or more users (“Purchaser User” or “Purchaser Users”) and one or more advertisers of said products or services, You Power Kitchen / Directory will not have any responsibility for the damages that occur to the Buyer User, advertisers and / or third parties by virtue of compliance or breach of the respective obligations of these contained in said contracts. 

You Power Kitchen / Directory does not intervene in any way in the transactions or sales operations between the Buying Users and the advertisers of products and services, for which reason it cannot have control over the quality, safety, content or legality of the products and services, as well as the ability and authorization of advertisers to sell and Buying Users to buy.

For the same reason, in no case will You Power Kitchen / Directory assume any responsibility towards the Buyer User for the fulfillment of the obligations of the advertiser, and especially, but without limitation, You Power Kitchen / Directory does not assume any responsibility for: a) to the quality of the products or services eventually offered by the advertiser or contracted by the Buyer User. b) The damages that occur to the Buying User, and/or to their property, due to the fulfillment or breach of the obligations of the advertiser or any other cause attributable to the advertiser, or due to the risk or vices of the thing transmitted. c) The imprecision or alteration of the prices provided by the advertiser to the Buying User or to the Service. d) Any breach by the advertiser of the obligations imposed by the applicable regulations, especially, but without limitation, those obligations imposed by the regulations of the United States. e) The solvency of Buyer Users or advertisers; You Power Kitchen / Directory will not be responsible for the quality, quantity, state, integrity or legitimacy of the goods offered, acquired by Buyer Users or sold by advertisers, as well as the ability to contract Buyer Users or advertisers. f) The quality, perfect titles, operation, or any other guarantee regarding the goods or services that are the object of the transactions between the Buying Users, and any claim must be directed to the respective builders, advertisers, manufacturers g) You Power Kitchen / Directory does not guarantee the veracity of third-party advertising that appears on the screen and will not be responsible for correspondence or messages, electronic or of any other nature and in any other medium, that the Buyer User celebrates with third parties that publish their products or with any advertiser. h) The security of payments made through public telecommunications networks, or any other telematic means.

7- In the event of legal actions or claims between Buying Users and advertisers, they exempt You Power Kitchen / Directory from all responsibility and will hold you harmless from any  cost that it must incur due to or in relation to your intervention, in any quality that is requested, in any legal or administrative process in which it should participate in connection with said claim or legal action.

8- By virtue of the foregoing, both the Buyer User and the advertiser expressly waive any type of claim or legal action against, You Power Kitchen / Directory, that has any relationship with the contractual or non-contractual relationships that are generated between them in virtue of the Service.

9- The Copyright on any information contained in the Portal can be duly registered by You Power Kitchen / Directory, and/or the Advertisers and/or their respective owners, according to the laws of the United States, or those that are applicable, respectively. The respective owners will maintain at all times the intellectual property of said information. Any redistribution, retransmission or publication of any material is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the respective owner or author.