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Adela Amaya

Our history

I am Salvadoran and I emigrated to this country in 2000 in search of a better future. As time went by, my children were born and everything was work at night so as not to pay a lot to take care of them. When I had my daughter in 2014, I started selling. tortillas and once a week food and so time went by in 2016 I began to participate in the festivals that are held in honor of what are the national holidays of my country El Salvador.

Then the pandemic came, I stopped a little but in 2020 one of my children died, from there the name BIG J Salvadorian & Guatemalan Food was born, I registered it in honor of his memory.

In 2022 I found out about the power of being a woman program through the school where my daughter attends, I connected with Sagrario and I thank God to her and her entire team for providing these programs where many women can train and improve our gift. what is cooking or what is pastry and I encourage each woman to continue fighting for what they want to achieve.


Thursday will be

Guatemalan paches
Salvadoran Tamales

Breads with chicken, beef soups, tripe, seafood and more

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