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Emeidys Beriguete Rodríguez

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Emeidys Beriguete Rodríguez

Hello, my name is Esmeidy Beriguete Rodriguez. I am from the Dominican Republic.
And I currently live in the United States in the state of Maryland.
I came to this country with a purpose like everyone else. I wanted to finish my studies, and so I started taking English
classes. I also studied Business Administration for two years at Ana G. Méndez University. Though this had been my passion since childhood, as time passed I realized I no longer wanted to pursue this career.

I realized that I had developed a passion for cooking and the culinary arts. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work in different restaurants and I cansay that I do not regret anything.

I continue to pursue my interest in cooking. I have taken several
cooking courses, including with El Poder de Ser Mujer, where I had the opportunity to learn
different recipes for both sweet and savory foods. It was a very nice
experience for me.

I thank Sagrario Ortiz for giving me and others the opportunity to be part
of this experience. I appreciate the enthusiasm that she imparts, regardless of one's social
status. I am very grateful to her and to Prince George's County.

This mini project started 3 years ago with my cousin, Johana Jones,
and we make a good team. We started from scratch, from a simple
inspiration, but always with faith in God that each day that passes
this will grow more and more. We hope that in the future we will have
our own company, to continue delighting you with our culinary creations.


⁃ Bistec encebollado
⁃ Carne de res guisada
⁃ Carne de cerdo guisada
⁃ Chicharrones
⁃ Camarones a la criolla
⁃ Camarones al ajillo
⁃ Pollo guisado
⁃ Pollo asado

⁃ Moro de Habichuelas
⁃ Moro de Guandules
⁃ Arroz Primavera
⁃ Arroz con vegetales
⁃ Arroz Amarrillo
⁃ Arroz Blanco

⁃ Habichuelas rojas
⁃ Habichuelas negra
⁃ Guandules guisado

⁃ Ensalada rusa
⁃ Ensalada de coditos
⁃ Vegetales mixto

- flan
-arroz con leche
-arepa dominicana
- habichuelas con dulce
- cheesecake cups
- helados / charamusca


- Pastelitos
-Empanaditas de Yuca
-Bolitas de yuca (chulitos)
-Bollitos de maíz
-Arepitas de Yuca
-Mini Yaniqueques
-Mini Pupusas
-Empanaditas Salvadoreñas
-Canastas de platanos
-Mini Quesadillas

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