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Alicia Aguilera


Our history

My name is Alicia Aguilera. I am of Paraguayan nationality.

My passion for pastry began at a very early age in my aunt's kitchen. Although I studied for a very different career, I entered the world of pastry when I arrived in this country. I asked myself what I could do to earn an extra income. The recipes from my aunt came to my memory and I
began to recreate from memory those smells and tastes in each baking.
When I discovered El Poder de Ser Mujer, I began to participate in
their workshops and programs, which helped me undertake my baking project with more enthusiasm. El Poder de Ser Mujer have given me the opportunity to teach them all my knowledge and skills in the baking program, which has helped many women and their
families to continue with their dream of entrepreneurship.


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