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Any Saenz Gomez

Our history

I am, Any Saenz Gomez
Owner of
SAENZ-RO, llc catering.
The Flavor Mix
How Saenz-Ro was born, the mixture of flavor
I discovered a passion for culinary art due to a bad experience with a catering company and I said I will never hire another one, so the next family party was my parents' wedding and for the first time I held a banquet for 175 people and it was an experience. wonderful many of the guests asked who the catering company was……. And since then they referred me for banquets but I never looked for it until 2022 when my friend, an entrepreneurial woman Zulma Martínez, who never stopped insisting that I had to dedicate myself to learning and opening a banquet company, took me with THE POWER OF BEING A WOMAN and I met Sagrario, an intelligent woman with a big heart ♥️ and willing to help anyone who wants to seriously undertake, she is always there, that was at the beginning of 2022 and I started a business plan program in Prince George's County , and so I started and continued with EMPRENDE in LA COSINA. After 6 months I already had the company registered
THANK YOU, Thanks to the power of being a woman and Employ Prince George’s



-Chicken Marsala 

-Cordon bleu (pechuga rellena)

- Beef stew 


-Fajita mixta


-Filet mignon 


Sides: rice, salads, mash potatoes, grilled veggies......

Appetizers to taste, hot or cold

Drinks: fresh fruit to taste
Brunch too


Catering for all kinds of events, quinceañeras, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, all kinds of parties, work meetings, anyone who requires waiter services, everything including food and service up to event planning

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