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Company History:


Kingkin Fusion Cuisine is the culmination of a heartfelt journey embarked upon by a devoted couple,Francisco and Nancy. Just two years ago, their lives were mired in the challenges and stress of a struggling business. However, their story took a beautiful turn, leading to the creation of Kingkin Fusion Cuisine.

Francisco, a professionally trained chef, had always harbored an unspoken passion for cooking. He found that every time he entered the kitchen, a profound sense of relaxation and joy enveloped him. Cooking became his sanctuary, a place where the tumultuous world outside could be temporarily forgotten.

Nancy, his loving and supportive wife, saw the transformative power of Francisco love for cooking. She encouraged him to consider turning his passion into a livelihood, believing that a food venture would not only showcase his culinary talents but also bring genuine happiness to his work. This pivotal ideamarked the inception of their culinary journey.

As a united team, they embarked on a shared dream. They initially explored various facets of the food industry, from local food fairs to experimental meal delivery services. Over time, they honed their focus and found their calling in a Fusion catering, where they could craft personalized, exquisite dishes for a wide array  of events.

While Francisco assumed the role of culinary Fusion maestro in their business, Nancy decided to enhance her own culinary skills and delve into the world of baking. She was captivated by the artistic and creative aspects of baking, allowing her to bring imaginative ideas to life. To further develop her baking skills,Nancy enrolled herself and her husband in a baking class offered by a local organization. This experience broadened their culinary horizons and enriched the delightful offerings of Kingkin Fusion Cuisine.

As their business flourished, it quickly gained a reputation for its fusion of culinary delights. Combining Francisco 's Fusion mastery of savory dishes with Nancy's creative approach to baking, Kingkin Fusion Cuisine became synonymous with exceptional cuisine and impeccable service. They were sought after forvarious events, ranging from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.

Today, Kingkin Fusion Cuisine stands as a thriving catering company that thrives on the seamless partnership between Francisco' s culinary expertise and Nancy' s creative baking skills.

Mission Statement of Kingkin Fusion Cuisine:

At Kingkin Fusion Cuisine, our mission is to craft exceptional culinary experiences that marry the passions of the heart with the artistry of flavors. We draw inspiration from the story of our founders,Francisco and Nancy, who transformed adversity into a celebration of food and love. Our commitment isto provide delectable fusion cuisine, crafted with unwavering dedication and creativity, to elevate the joy of every event. With the expertise of a seasoned chef and the artistry of a talented baker, we infuse each dish with a unique blend of taste and imagination. Our mission is to not only savor the flavors but also to savor life's moments. We strive to bring happiness and satisfaction to our customers, just as we have found in our journey from struggle to success. Kingkin Fusion Cuisine: Where passion meets palate,and every bite is a celebration of life.



- Empanadas ( Beef, chicken, chicken & cheese , cheese , vegetables )
- Chicken Croquetas
- Mini skewers ( steak , chicken, vegetables )
- Quipes ( ground beef )
- Marranitas ( pork, chicken , vegetables )


- Tomato basil soup
- Crab Cream Soup


- Jambalaya Rice
- Jambalaya Pasta
- Rib Eye steak
- Lamb Grilled steak
- Churrasco
- Fried or Grilled Red Snapper
- Dominican Paella
- Asopao ( Dominican Risotto )
- Rotisserie Chicken
- Rotisserie Pernil
- Paletilla de Cerdo
- Lobster in Kingkin Sauce
- Sancocho ( Dominican heavy soup )
- Chupe de Camarones ( Peruvian seafood soup )
- Aji de gallina ( Peruvian chicken dish )
- Fajitas ( Chicken , steak, vegetables, mix )
- Pica Pollo ( Dominican Fried Chicken )
- Fried Latino Burrito
- Skewers ( Steak, chicken , Vegetables )

Sandwichs & Burgers

- Lamb Sandwich
- Steak Sandwich
- Grilled ham & cheese Sandwich
- Vegetables Sandwich ( Mushrooms, peppers , onions , tomatoes )
- Kingkin Burger ( Black Angus beef , melted mozzarella , onions , tomatoes , portobello , fried egg kingkin sauce )
- Fish Burger ( Mahi Mahi , tomatoes, lettuce, tartar sauce )


- Tres Leches
- Carrot Cake
- Dulce de coco



Francisco A. Barba
Chef . Kingkin Fusion Cuisine LLC
(202) 509-4528 / (301) 332-4771




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- Events
- Private Chef Service
- In Fly Chef Service

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